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Lead Sled Limousines is a newly-established business, but is no stranger to the limousine industry. More than seven years ago, the partners of Lead Sled Limousines decided to create a unique and luxurious limousine for the chauffeur market. Their vision was to create a show-stopping car that was truly unique. It was then that the 1949 Lead Sled Mercury was thought of and created into a striking limousine. A one of a kind, this exclusive 1949 Lead Sled Limousine is the talk of the town, and features a remote access door and roof for easy entry, two bars, superior lighting, premium sound, and a unique orange colour. The company also introduced a BMW stretch limousine – the only one in Western Australia! The company also offers a range of sedan cars that are stylish and complement its limousines.  If you’re after a classic limousine that boasts elegance and is sleek in appearance, make sure you contact the team at Lead Sled Limousines today for a free consultation.