By The Sea

By The Sea

It’s no surprise that beachside locations are a popular choice for couples looking to tie the knot somewhere special, so Tijan Biner has rounded up some of Western Australia’s best waterfront venues to help make your search a little easier!

Even for the most visionary couple, finding a place to say your “I Do’s” can be one of the most difficult parts of the planning process. For a truly special experience, let the sea breeze caress your skin as you and your partner say your vows on the sand, and then dance the night away at one of these stunning seaside locations!

Hillarys Yacht Club

Hillarys Yacht Club is a unique venue in Perth that offers superb facilities and uninterrupted views of the picturesque marina. The calm waters and romance of the Indian Ocean provides breathtaking views, making it an ideal setting for any type of wedding. The venue has been turning couples’ dream weddings into a reality for years; you can even arrive in style to your reception by boat! Whether you’re after an intimate cocktail reception for 20 of your nearest and dearest or a grand sit-down dinner for 280 guests, Hillarys Yacht Club is a stylish and renowned wedding reception venue that promises to exceed all your expectations.

Functions manager Kylee Wyatt says the venue is open to all types of unique nuptials, so the sky is the limit when it comes to your planning!

“Hillarys Yacht Club is surrounded by ocean views, but our function rooms are essentially a blank canvas, [which] allows the couple to create any type of wedding they can imagine,” she says. “We work closely with professional wedding stylists to create the [exact] look and feel the couple are after. We believe it’s important for the couple to have a wedding that suits them personally, [so we] have purposefully kept our rooms as versatile as possible to enable this.

“Couples can take advantage of some great savings and additional inclusions with our Winter Wedding Package and our Friday Wedding Special,” adds Wyatt. “We also offer a unique entrance to a ceremony, where brides can glide through the marina on a yacht, step onto the boardwalk and straight down the aisle. It brings extravagance and grace, and makes for quite the impressive entrance!”

Wyatt says Western Australia’s stunning beaches and picturesque locations make waterfront weddings particularly popular among locals.

“I think just being in Western Australia draws people to marry by the ocean or riverside,” she says. “We are fortunate to have a stunning coastline and the Swan River, and a lot of lifestyles [revolve around] both of these, so, for us, it’s probably an obvious choice.

“[Beachside] weddings are also a dream for wedding photographers, and we see some exquisite photos resulting from sunset ceremonies by the ocean. I think the ability to capture the beauty of a ceremony is also a big draw card for couples, and it doesn’t get much easier, or better, to capture this with blue skies meeting a deep blue ocean.”

As simple as it may sound, White advises couples to leave no stone unturned when on the hunt for the perfect venue.

“You want to ensure that everything is taken care of in the few days before your wedding, so all you need to focus on is getting yourself ready,” she says. “Also make sure you ask as many questions as you can about logistics, particularly [the] delivery of decorations and room set up, so that there are no surprises.

“[Overall], make sure you choose a venue that suits you both as a couple. On your big day, you want to feel comfortable in your surroundings and really be able to enjoy where you are, as well as who you’re with.”

Nedlands Yacht Club

The lush and secluded foreshore of Nedlands Yacht Club, as well as the sunset views over the Perth CBD skyline, creates a truly striking setting. Located directly on the esplanade is Nedlands Yacht Club, an award-winning venue that prides itself on the ability to host spectacular weddings at the best price possible.

The venue can cater for weddings of all sizes, from intimate gatherings of 50 to extravagant parties of up to 500 guests. Nedlands Yacht Club is also a self-catering venue, and offers couples the flexibility to create their perfect evening with their ideal menu.

Jacinta Wilson, the events and marketing manager at Nedlands Yacht Club, says couples tend to style the venue in a nautical theme, but there are myriad options available to make the space your own.

“Being that Nedlands Yacht Club is a blank canvas, we can really adopt just about any theme,” she says. “A nautical theme is the most expected theme chosen, however we do get a lot of rustic weddings. There are also an increasing number of geometric [or] luxe weddings coming through with our current couples. The blank canvas of our space is just so flexible, [and can suit] any theme and any budget.”

Wilson says the venue’s location allows couples to enjoy a waterfront wedding without the unruly weather that often comes with marrying by the sea.

“Australia, and Perth in particular, has a rich beach [and] water culture, so it is quite a natural choice for a lot of couples to choose waterfront venues,” she says. “The sea is a very calming location, and I think being on the river [gives us protection] from the wind, [which] means that you can have a waterfront wedding without the risk of the sea breeze coming in to blow you away.”

When it comes time to choosing your venue, Wilson stresses not to settle for a location unless you’re completely happy with it.

“When [couples] come to view Nedlands Yacht Club as their potential wedding venue, [I tell them that] the feeling has to be right at whatever venue they choose,” she says. “[Each] venue will be different for each couple, but it has to feel like it fits, because it is a long and expensive road you will walk down together.”

Royal Perth Yacht Club

Perched on the edge of the exquisite Swan River, Royal Perth Yacht Club is one of the world’s most prestigious yacht clubs. The ambiance of the Club House leaves nothing to be desired; beautiful timber paneling, nautical theming and lush furnishings reveal Royal Perth Yacht Club’s appreciation of and closeness with nature.

“When holding an event at Royal Perth Yacht Club, you’ll enjoy not only the spectacular surrounds, but the fantastic cuisine, [which is] prepared expertly by long-term catering partner Hyatt Regency Perth,” says event sales manager Annabelle Constant. “The team of chefs continuously creates fantastic cuisine and innovative menus, which are renowned with Hyatt worldwide.”

The magnificently appointed first floor is steeped in history; chesterfield lounges, a magnificent timber-paneled bar and action photography from the 1987 America’s Cup, which was held in Fremantle, will transport you to another era.

“Before you know it, you will find yourself relaxing as the hustle and bustle of everyday life is left behind,” says Constant. “Being located close to the CBD, Royal Perth Yacht Club provides the perfect opportunity to combine that feeling of romance with the sparkling city lights over the Swan.”
Constant believes there’s an exceptional sense of elegance linked to marrying by the water that will always be extremely sought-after.

“There is a certain romance that comes with being married by the water,” she says. “A wedding by the water allows couples to feel they have a destination wedding without the expense or the difficulties of organising a wedding overseas. Choosing a venue by the water, with a stunning natural backdrop, can [also] help reduce the costs involved with décor.”

Constant advises couples to “discuss your vision for your perfect day” before tackling any pre-wedding planning.

“This will help you determine the type of atmosphere you want to create,” she says. “Then look for a venue that fits your vision and is prepared to work with you to create your perfect day.”

There’s something magical about reading vows with sand between your toes, and sunny weddings on a powdery, white-sand beach are reminiscent of fairy tales. On your wedding day, you’ll introduce yourselves to your loved ones as husband and wife, so your choice of venue should perfectly complement both you and your partner. If you plan on marrying by the water, choose a location that is a true representation of both of you, because the place where you’ll say your “I Do’s” should be everything you’ve both dreamt of, and more!

The Pavilion

The Pavilion, located at The Marina Mindarie, is an iconic property with breathtaking views across the marina that stretch out towards the Indian Ocean. The Pavilion exudes sophistication with its simple yet stylish architecture, which makes it a truly exquisite destination for the sun- loving couple.

Exquisite views and sunlit open spaces reveal The Pavilion’s standout space. Floating above the stunning Marina Mindarie, The Sky Chapel is a truly remarkable location that’s perfect for a romantic and special ceremony.

Following your ceremony in the clouds, move to one of The Pavilion’s two unique suites to celebrate. The Harbour Suite offers a stylish and modern interior, high-ceilings and striking water views through floor-to-ceiling windows, while The Keys Suite is ideal for an intimate affair. For larger receptions, the two suites can combine to create the ultimate space, which offers uninterrupted views over the entire marina.

“Every couple is unique and they have their own story that is told on their special day,” says Chantell Downsborough, the business development manager at The Pavilion. “When booking your wedding at The Pavilion, our talent wedding coordinator, operations team and head chef will work with you to create your dream wedding. The opportunity to meet with our head chef and design a menu to meet your specific requirements is a highly sought-after offering.”

Downsborough believes more couples are choosing to marry at beachside venues for the exquisite ambience it offers.

“Exchanging your vows and hosting your reception with a light whispery sea breeze filling the air is the dream of many,” she says. “Perth boasts some the best sunsets in the world, and a venue located on the Indian Ocean offers stunning photo opportunities with a relaxed and breathtakingly beautiful setting.”

When it comes time to choosing your ideal venue, Downsborough stresses the importance of finding a location that both you and your partner are completely happy with.

“Make sure the venue is suitable to meet your specific requirements,” she says. “Remember [that] your wedding day is about the two of you, [so] do not feel pressured to please everyone around you.”