Top-Tier Trends

Top-Tier Trends

Your wedding cake is more than just a cake – it’s a centrepiece for your big day.

It adds a special layer to your décor and theme, and will be the first sweet bite you and the love of your life will take as newlyweds. With this in mind, sit back and let your inner sweet tooth run wild with these wonderful cake ideas!

As Pinterest starts to claim a permanent place on our smartphone home screens, brides are becoming more creative with their wedding cakes by the minute. Gone are the days where the classic white fondant style is your only option. While there’ll always be a place for tradition in the world of weddings, imagination has taken hold of brides who are leaning towards a more carefree approach to wedding planning.

Almost Naked

The naked or semi-naked cake has been a popular trend for a few years now. The beauty of this style is that it allows the beautifully baked layers to shine through, while the sides are pulled together with artfully placed buttercream. Dressed up with flowers, fruit or macarons, a semi-naked cake will make a statement at almost any type of wedding.

The exposed sponge of a naked cake appeals to both the eyes and the tastebuds, while buttercream is a tasty alternative to fondant. For a spring or summer wedding, berries will jazz up your cake as a filling, while apples, pears or other seasonal fruits will work beautifully for winter or autumn nuptials.

Keep It Simple

While the naked cake is stamping its name on the wedding scene, there’ll always be a special place for the traditional ivory wedding cake. If you are going for a more formal or classic feel to your special day, this will likely be your best plan of attack.

You can dress up your white cake with sugar lace detailing or rosettes, or for a mouth-watering solution to your flavour selection problems, go for multiple tiers, with each one featuring a different flavour to satisfy every guest’s appetite.

Carved In Marble

Marble wedding cakes have taken off in popularity during the past year. Classic and neutral, but with a modern twist, the marble trend is growing in momentum. Taking cues from the minimalist trends that are currently dominating the home décor scene, your marble fondant cake will cut a striking figure in your wedding photos.


Offering an elegant and modern look, ruffles are a subtle embellishment that will add the ‘wow’ factor to your cake, without being over-the-top or too loud. An airy and feminine look, ruffled cakes don’t require many extra details, however some sugar flowers on top, or fresh blooms placed in-between tiers, will elevate your cake to the next level.

Heavy Metal

In a trend that has trickled over from the fashion industry, metallic frosting is growing in popularity with couples who are after something a little more striking. In particular, rose gold tiers are becoming a favourite. This style of cake works particularly well if the bride is wearing metallic herself.

Whether you decide to include a rose gold tier or you commission a cake featuring scattered gold leaf across an otherwise semi-naked design, incorporating a metallic element will add a degree of lustre and elevate the whole aesthetic.

Sparkles and glitzy intricate patterns aren’t reserved for your hair and makeup team, either. If your wedding has an old-school glamour theme, why not invest in a glittering marvel of a cake?


If you can’t decide on one type of cake, why stop at one? In one of the fastest-growing trends, many brides are opting for a wedding cake banquet or dessert table in place of the traditional single cake.

Popular for many reasons, a few smaller wedding cakes will help you cater to any food intolerances or allergies you or your guests may have, and will allow them to taste as many flavours as they desire. A variety of smaller cakes will also be less of a hassle to cut up and serve than a multi-tier extravaganza.

Say Cheese!

Who said your wedding cake necessarily has to be sweet? Here at Western Australia Wedding & Bride, we are all huge suckers for a good wheel of camembert, and the cheese tower wedding cake has never been so popular! Think wheels of your favourite cheeses stacked high, and decorated with grapes, figs, nuts or dried fruits.

Go for varieties with different textures, flavours and colours to make your tower a complete delight.

Do Your Homework

Once you’ve decided on your perfect style, the fun part starts – you’ll get to choose your supplier and start to see your vision take shape! Before you book your vendor, though, make sure you do some research into the type of cakes they are experienced in creating. Each cake maker will have a different strength, so it’s best to touch base early to ensure they will be able to deliver what you require. The amount of notice you’ll need to give your cake maker will vary depending on the company, so start planning at least four to six months ahead to be safe.

Choosing your wedding cake allows you to flex your creativity and show off your personal style as a couple! By thinking a little outside the box and embracing the new trends that are making waves in the industry today, you’ll be able to start your days as husband and wife in the sweetest way possible.

From the traditional fondant masterpiece to the naked cake slathered in buttercream, the possibilities for your wedding cake are endless. Kate Fitzgerald discovers the latest trends on the wedding cake scene.