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A Surprise Song

Oct 24, 2018 | News

Bravo Singing Waiters is excited to announce that its team has just landed in Perth! Bravo Singing Waiters is a professional, stylish and affordable surprise musical act that is sure to have the whole room dancing around the reception tables. Helping to serve food to your guests, the waiters will dress in the same uniform as the wedding venue staff to ensure anonymity. When dessert time arrives, the singing begins! Breaking out into song, Bravo Singing Waiters offers high-energy renditions that will get you and your guests in the party mood. Bravo Singing Waiters also works with The Love Actually Experience; a group of musicians who will re-enact that famous Love Actually scene. Seated in the back rows of your wedding ceremony, awaiting the final moments, The Love Actually Experience crew will burst into joyous song to surprise your guests and relive that magical moment!