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Band Together

As Shakespeare once famously wrote, ‘if music be the food of love, play on’ and what better way to embrace your status as newlyweds than by celebrating your special connection with your loved ones at a vivacious reception accompanied, of course, by exceptional music. Here, Emma Warner Allen discusses the merits of employing a live band to enhance the entertainment potential of your wedding day.

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Music unites us. It has the ability to transport us to a different time and place, or even one gone by. Most of us have at least one song which, when heard, will remind us of a different time in our lives and what better way to ensure your wedding day lives on in you and your loved ones’ memories than securing exceptional entertainment on such a special day? If you elect to have a band perform at your wedding, you can rest assured that their unique spin on your favourite songs will remain a treasured moment forever.

Music To My Ears

It is well known that music sets the mood; whether you want to be accompanied on your journey down the aisle or want to set the tone for celebrations at your reception, selecting the appropriate music is crucial to ensure that your big day runs smoothly. With such a wide variety of musical genres, that can also span many generations, selecting a playlist that appeals to everyone’s tastes can be difficult. However, curating a playlist that is amenable to everyone is essential if you want to create a fun atmosphere.

Your playlist should have already been discussed beforehand with the band, so you can begin your day feeling confident in your choices knowing that everyone will have fun and join you in the celebrations. Some bands will make this a breeze, allowing you to enter in your song choices and musical tastes in the initial booking form – minimizing the amount of precious time spent communicating that could be spent planning the rest of the day’s celebrations. While the playlist is a great way to start, flexibility is always needed. As the atmosphere evolves, so too do the song requests as the night goes on.

Conjuring images and, in some cases, fond memories of lining up at the DJ booth to request that one song which you know will make the crowd go wild, DJs are renowned for accommodating song requests and their flexible playlists. While bands are perhaps typically more rigid in what they can play than DJs, they will still have a large repertoire of songs that they know will be a hit. The talented musicians thrive on interaction and feedback and will therefore read the room and adjust accordingly to ensure everyone is having a good time. Not to mention the electric atmosphere of a band – witnessing the musicians owning their craft right before your eyes.

That being said, do not be afraid to include some slower songs in your playlist. While upbeat and energetic songs are fantastic ways to kick off the night and ensure the momentum is carried throughout the evening, including some slow songs will encourage any older guests to join you on the dance floor – not to mention allowing you and your new spouse to enjoy a romantic waltz.

Jump On The Bandwagon

While DJs provide excellent sound systems and an easily customisable playlist, live bands can offer a raw and authentic experience that is infused with energy. The unadulterated vivacity the performers bring to a performance will encourage even the shyest individuals and those who suffer from stage fright or the all-too-common affliction of two left feet to get up, and carelessly dance the night away. What’s more, those who are able to resist the band’s call to the dance floor and those resting their feet can still enjoy the band’s performance from afar, as good music is infectious. A band will infuse your wedding day with life and personality; regardless of which band you choose. A live performance is a sure-fire way to revitalise what can often be a long day, while also navigating any awkwardness of a DJ set that attendees aren’t feeling or vibing with.

Time To Face The Music

While the prospect of coordinating the individuals within a live band can seem intimidating, particularly on a day which will be so busy, rest assured that the professionals will have performed at weddings many times before and will be able to manage themselves, leaving you with one less thing to worry about on the big day.

If you are opting for an acoustic performance, all the performers will need is a hard surface to perform on that is covered. For non-acoustic performances, all the above still applies but you will also want to ensure that there are power points available. Bands will interact with the audience to ensure that your guests are having a good time and can engage with the crowd.

On the day, the industry standard for wedding bands is to play four, 45-minute sets of a fivehour event. So their performance will be broken up by intermittent breaks, which you will need to be prepared for. However, when accounting for speeches and other formalities, this set up can work exceptionally well. If you require a longer period of time or any special requests, it is best to communicate this with the band from the get-go to avoid the potential for future disappointment.

Overall, a band is a fantastic way to ensure that you and your nearest and dearest can join in with the wedding celebrations together. With a plethora of different bands catering to all tastes, the only hard part will be selecting which one to use for your wedding!