Image courtesy of JIRE Fine Jewellery Hire.


When considering the different elements of your bridal ensemble, finding jewellery to complement your dress and aesthetic is an important part of the process. Tristan Lott speaks with Peta Fuller, owner and founder of JIRE Fine Jewellery Hire, about the latest trends in the jewellery market and how you can find the perfect piece for you.

Image courtesy of JIRE Fine Jewellery Hire.

​Finding ‘The One’

Choosing jewellery to wear for your big day can be a big decision. Jewellery is so personal and varied that you might not know what you’re looking for until you see it. From different stones to the many metal options and settings, there are thousands of options with hundreds of varieties.

While diamonds are a beloved classic – and for good reason! – other stones are steadily rising in popularity. Consider bright gemstones to make your jewellery pop or go for a more naturallooking material like opals or pearls. Metals such as rose or white gold are a great option if you’re looking for something outside of the usual gold or silver, and play interestingly with unique stones to create unexpected combinations. “We have incorporated some sapphire into settings for select pieces in white gold – the deep blue of the sapphire is really brought to life by the white gold,” Fuller says. “This is also the ‘something blue’ for our brides.”

When it comes to purchasing these pieces, it is important to find jewellery that you will re-use and re-wear often – pieces that you are naturally drawn to. Many modern brides are looking to make considered choices to find sustainable jewellery that is affordable and on-trend. An alternative to purchasing these pieces outright is jewellery hire. Fuller confirms that this is a unique and new concept in Australia. “Hiring jewellery [hasn’t always been] an option for the everyday woman, so I eventually started JIRE Fine Jewellery Hire to come up with a way I could make fine jewellery accessible to all women across the country,” Fuller explains. “I truly believe there is something magical about the way you feel when wearing high end jewellery… more ladies should be able to experience that feeling, especially on their wedding day.”

More important than anything else, is finding something that you feel complemented by, rather than something that feels over or underwhelming.

Stacks On

Stacking or layering jewellery is one of the most popular trends that Fuller sees amongst her brides. Rings that can be layered are one of the most popular engagement and wedding ring combinations on the market today, opening up the possibility to add rings for anniversaries and other milestones. “Stacking is absolutely on-trend right now,” Fuller says. “[This] is a modern statement look we love.” With various gems, mixed metals, dainty and chunky styles available, this versatility allows you to create a look that complements any wedding gown. “Cluster or nesting rings are a super playful way of mixing diamonds of different shapes, and even colours.”

You could also opt for layered necklaces or stack bracelets to complement your ring stacking, and to create a look that perfectly matches your style. “Choosing a style of jewellery that matches your engagement ring will complement your look on the day.”

Fuller also predicts that brides will gravitate towards wider bracelets for a statement piece. “I think the wider bracelet will start to become a go to for brides wanting to make a statement, instead of the singular tennis bracelet,” Fuller maintains. “The tennis bracelet will always be a classic, but I think we will see our brides looking to update their look and think a little outside the box.”


When it comes to knowing what jewellery is most stylish or fashionable, Fuller finds that classics such as white diamonds and South Sea pearls are always popular, especially in earring and bracelet sets showcasing traditional cuts, such as pear or tear shapes. “Brides can’t go wrong with either of these in a white or yellow gold setting for their wedding day,” Fuller says. “For our brides, we see a love of our larger, show-stopping earrings, while opting for mostly earring and bracelet combinations.”

Hoops or oversized earrings provide a modern, yet sophisticated feel, with a range of designs to complement all bridal styles. “[Hoops and larger earrings] cast light on the face, complementing and accentuating your features while complementing a wonderful variety of necklines no matter the dress you are wearing,” Fuller says. Statement earrings are hugely popular right now, with resin, clay, tassels and waved metal creating interest with unique textures and unexpected colours.

Alternatively, you could buck the trend and choose uncommon pieces that let your personality shine. “Something that is unusual to one person might be stunning to the next,” Fuller explains. “If you’re wanting to make a statement, opt for larger, sculptural pieces that accentuate your features and look. If you prefer a more minimalist style, choose pieces with clean, defined and minimal structure.”

Atypical choices such as tiaras or back necklaces are not as uncommon as you may think. Even upper arm cuffs, chokers or hand chains can find a place in your bridal look. Focusing on the colour, stones or weight of the piece rather than the function can help you to find something unexpected that will tie everything together. “Accessories are where you get to really let your personality shine through.”

Your jewellery is the perfect finishing touch that can tie your bridal ensemble together. It’s important to note that your jewellery should be a reflection of you, and you should be comfortable in what you’re wearing. Loving your jewellery pieces will ensure you shine like a diamond on your wedding day.