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Broome Trike Tours

Broome Trike Tours offers the Limo Trike; the first vehicle ever to combine the excitement of a fine-quality motorcycle with the sophistication of a handcrafted motor coach. The Limo Trike clearly stands apart from all others on the road – from its Harley-style front end to its hotrod-style rear. The interior of the vehicle is decked-out with features such as an all-leather lounge, a jarrah bar, air conditioning, electric windows, tinted glass, mood lighting, Champagne cooler and surround-sound stereo. Broome Trike Tours can help you arrange your special day, from booking its unique Limo Trike to arranging a wedding venue.

Models Available: Limo trike, 2x regular trike

Number Of Vehicles: 3

Max Capacity Per Vehicles: 3–6

Colours: White and gun metal grey