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Champagne Couture

Champagne Couture creates luxury bridal couture, flower girl dresses, and unique, handmade ladies gowns and men’s suiting. Offering all clients private consultations means Champagne Couture will deliver the product of your dreams, tailored specifically for your wedding. With access to international trends, clients usually have a vision for the look they want for their event, and spend months looking for already made products that may not fit quite right. Champagne Couture sketches, sources fabrics, designs and creates your vision, using only high-quality fabrics at affordable prices. Be inspired by all Champagne Couture offers, and visit the store today.


Champagne Couture

817 Beaufort Street
Mount Lawley
Tel: (08) 6180 5661
Email: champagnecouture@outlook.com
Website: www.champagnecouturecherie.com

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