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Cupid’s Delight

In the twenty years since its establishment, Cupid’s Delight has mastered every aspect of the cake and delicacy industry. Using only the finest handpicked, fresh ingredients, Cupid’s Delight’s cakes are always fresh and taste as delicious as they look. Cupid’s Delight understands the significance of your wedding day, that is why each wedding cake is baked and hand-decorated to reflect this milestone occasion. For those wanting to break tradition, Cupid’s Delight also offers a magnificent array of cupcakes, macarons, and even the infamous croquembouche – a delectable tower of profiteroles coated in a thin layer of crispy toffee – so you can rest assured that Cupid’s Delight will not disappoint on your big day.


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Cupid’s Delight

10/51 Rockingham Road
Hamilton Hill

Tel: (08) 6248 4099
Email: cupidsdelightbakery@gmail.com
Website: www.cupidsdelight.com.au