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Empowered Elegance

May 7, 2020 | News

Anthea Crawford’s latest collection is a must have for the modern woman. This range ensures that you’re dressed to impress for all facets of life, so that you can evoke a stylish flair either at your wedding or workplace. This new collection centres around timeless sophistication and high-quality garments. Colourful prints, modern flares and contemporary details define this exquisite range, and will help you create a bold statement. Each striking pattern is printed on luxurious and stunning fabrics, which is exactly what this season is all about!

Anthea Crawford’s signature prints are created exclusively to capture the mood and essence of the changing seasons. The designer’s creations are versatile, fun and bold, with vibrant colours that make a lasting impression. This collection can be incorporated into your wardrobe seamlessly and paired with basics to elevate your look.  This Australian brand is ethically accredited, ensuring that you’re wearing clothes that are of the highest quality and are on trend. You can be confident in the high standard that goes into each and every Anthea Crawford garment.