If Looks Could Thrill

While the dress and shoes play a critical role in your overall bridal look, the right makeup can make you feel like a million dollars. Here, Cloé Timperley breaks down some of the most popular wedding makeup and hair ideas to help you find a bridal look that’s perfect for you!

When it comes to choosing hair and makeup for the big day, you’ll want to pick a look that’s true to your individual style. If you haven’t yet decided what look you prefer, Western Australia Wedding & Bride has helpfully identified some of the most popular wedding makeup and hair ideas that are guaranteed to stand the test of time. From natural and dewy, to bold and dramatic, these gorgeous wedding looks are sure to turn heads for all the right reasons.

Vintage Vixen

If you’re seeking a timeless yet striking bridal look, consider channelling Old Hollywood glamour with vintage-style makeup. Elegant and perfectly put together, vintage-style bridal makeup is a smart choice as it won’t go out of fashion.

Taking inspiration from the likes of Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly, this look typically comprises a flawless base, eyes that are defined with a slick of black liquid eyeliner, and a luscious crimson pout, which makes it the perfect choice for red-lip lovers who want to make a statement on their big day.

Considered the height of glamour for decades, a red lip exudes sultry allure. While wearing red lipstick on your wedding day is a bold move, it’s a choice that comes with many benefits. A crimson pout is an instant confidence booster, and will contrast strikingly with your all-white ensemble.

As for hair, go for a classic do that’s reminiscent of the glamorous screen stars of yesteryear. Soft finger waves in the spirit of Veronica Lake are the perfect complement to vintage-style makeup, while a simple understated chignon also works well with this look.

Hopeless Romantic

Soft and luminous, romantic-style makeup has fast become one of the most popular options among brides, and for good reason! This fresh-faced, lessis-more style enhances the bride’s natural features and is ideal for women who don’t generally wear much makeup.

The romantic look typically incorporates subtle smoky eyes, rosy cheeks and natural-toned lips, while a dusting of shimmery highlighter along the cheekbones, brow bone and Cupid’s bow results in gorgeous, glowing skin.

Rather than using dark-coloured eye shadows, opt for bronze or mushroom tones with smoked-out brown eyeliner, which will soften the eye. Individual or natural-looking false eyelashes will achieve the desired doe-eyed look, while a coating of peach or berry-toned lipstick will provide the perfect finishing touch.

To complement your ultra-feminine bridal makeup, choose a relaxed hairdo such as waves, braids or a messy ponytail. For a truly ethereal effect, you could even consider weaving baby’s breath or daisies into your hair, or wearing a bohemian flower crown.

Bring The Drama

If you want to make an impact with your makeup, incorporate some edgy beauty trends into your bridal look. Not for the faint-hearted bride, dramatic makeup will ensure all eyes will be on you.

One of the season’s hottest trends, fashion-forward glossy lids make a bold statement. Pairing well with shimmery crème eye shadow, glossy lids can be either subtle or intense. Whether you smudge your lids with Vaseline or a purpose-made product, don’t be afraid to get messy; when it comes to this trend, the more lived-in your glossy eye looks, the more seductive and effortless it seems.

Graphic eyeliner is one of the latest beauty crazes to make the leap from the runway to real life. If you’re bored with the traditional cat eye, graphic eyeliner is the perfect way to spruce up your bridal look. Use a felt-tip liquid liner to create a range of shapes and designs such as arches and squared-off wings – the options are endless! Unlike a classic feline flick, this trend calls for a more experimental approach, so have fun with it and find a style that suits you.

Having already committed to the dramatic look, don’t be afraid to play with colour, as well. A highwattage lip or a slick of coloured eyeliner is all it takes to elevate your bridal look from orthodox to edgy. With this look, your face is the focus, so keep the hair simple with a sleek ponytail or a wetlook bun.

While artful eyes and bold lips are fun and playful options, ultimately you want to feel relaxed and confident. If dramatic makeup isn’t something you normally wear, it’s probably best not to start experimenting on your wedding day, so ensure you opt for a look with which you’re comfortable.

As if the mammoth task of choosing the perfect dress isn’t stressful enough, it isn’t always easy to know which direction to take with your bridal makeup. At the end of the day, the key to nailing your look is preparation and due diligence. Research your bridal look carefully, and use websites such as Instagram and Pinterest, which are valuable resources that offer a plethora of ideas. Once you’ve settled on your ideal look, steer clear of testing new makeup products to avoid an allergic reaction, and make sure you vigilantly follow your skincare routine in the lead up to the big day.

Whether you opt for understated elegance or an avant-garde style, you’ll want to settle on a look that makes you feel gorgeous and confident on the big day. After all, confidence is the most timeless beauty trend.

Image Credit: Sebastian Merle Photography