Image Credit: Kevin McGinn Photographer

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A wedding video enables you to relive every breathtaking, spontaneous moment of your wedding day. Waiting for the final product can take months, but with a same-day edit, you and your loved ones can enjoy the highlights before your reception is even over. Tegan Lyon discusses the benefits of adding a same-day edit to your videography package.

Image Credit: Kevin McGinn Photographer

Hiring a videographer for your wedding is essential if you’re looking to capture every intimate moment of your day. Incorporating a same-day edit in your videography package offers a cinematic highlight reel than can be screened at your reception, eliminating the long wait for the full-film version. With this special inclusion, your loved ones can relive the magic of your day in real time.

The Highlights Of Your Day

A same-day-edit wedding video is steadily increasing in popularity. As a condensed video version of your day, a same-day edit compiles footage from your bridal and groom preparation, ceremony, post-ceremony portraits, first dance and the beginning of your reception. The final result is a cinematic trailer from the perspective of the bride and groom. The same-day edit is supplementary to your full wedding video and will require a second videographer to be incorporated into your package. The same-day edit happens on-site, with one videographer stepping away to begin editing, while your second videographer continues to shoot the footage that will feature in your fulllength video. This ensures that the full version of your video won’t be compromised, and every joyous moment of your reception will be captured. The same-day edit is usually three to five minutes in length, comprising some of the best parts of your day. Typically featuring music looped over the visuals, some couples instead choose to have lengthier sequences that feature full, clear audio of vows and speeches. It is vital that you meet with your videographer prior to your wedding to discuss any requests that you may have, and plan a timeline of your day to maximise filming potential. 

Meeting your videographer will also give you the opportunity to get a feel for their style and previous work. It’s important that you trust your videographer to convey your love story; but, remember to have faith in their talent and vision. Once your video has been edited, your videographer will transfer the high-definition footage onto a USB, which can then be viewed on a projector or TV at your reception, and later at home for your enjoyment.

An Exclusive Premiere

A full-length wedding video will typically run between one to two hours, but with an entire day’s worth of footage, this can often take months to edit. The benefit of a same-day edit is that you get to preview the highlights of your wedding footage that you can re-watch in the meantime. The sameday edit gives you and your partner the chance to observe each other’s nervous excitement in the morning, to see their journey to the ceremony and watch the very moment you both say, ‘I do’ – all from an outside perspective. Wedding preparation can take months, if not years, but the day itself will disappear so quickly that it can be difficult to hold onto every precious memory as it happens. A same-day edit affords you the opportunity to step outside of yourself and see your wedding through everyone else’s eyes, with your partner by your side. A same-day edit will become a shared experience with your closest friends and loved ones. Most guests will not be present for the early morning preparations and festivities before and after your ceremony, but this video will give them a glimpse of the stolen moments between you, your partner and your wedding parties. Your loved ones will enjoy seeing themselves onscreen as an integral part of your wedding day, particularly as many will not see the full-length, final cut of your video. 

Once you have the same-day edit video on a USB, you can share the highlight reel of your wedding online for your distant friends and relatives who couldn’t make it to the ceremony.

Hold Their Attention

As excited as you and your partner will be to see the compilation of your day, the same-day edit should add to your wedding festivities, rather than grind them to a halt. The same-day edit is roughly the length of an extended film trailer; long enough to give you and your guests a taste, but not  solong that their attention wanes. Deciding when to screen your video is the key to holding your guests’ attention. While some couples may be tempted to show their video toward the end of their reception to include more footage, this is the time when your guests will be winding down and are more likely to get restless.

The videographer will usually take a couple of hours to complete the edit, so take this into account when figuring out which event you would like shot last, and when you would like to air the finished product. Having your guests already seated is a good start, so aim to screen the video during dessert once the cake has been cut. This will afford your videographer time to edit the video in the hours between your entrance and screening. Not only will this save you from getting your guests seated again, but the screening will make a perfect cap to dinner, speeches and dessert, before your guests can tear up the dance floor. This will have more of a lasting impact and will give you and your guests ample time to enjoy the remaining hours of your reception as you please. Including a same-day edit into your videography package is worth the added investment, as it gives you a tangible piece of your wedding day to take home with you.