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A Bride’s Memoir by Leeffect is not only a beautiful keepsake to preserve the most special moments from your big day, but is also a luxurious and comprehensive guide to your planning process. This allows you to keep your memories safe within its interactive pages, becoming a priceless heirloom for you and your family to cherish for years to come.

Leeffect creates beautiful bridal planners that simplify every stage of organising your dream wedding – from deciding on the guest list and writing your vows, to noting your favourite venue options and even keeping track of your budget.

A Bride’s Memoir is a must-have for every bride.





Leeffect has designed the first-ever couture bridal compendium that lets you plan in style. Personalise the leather-bound companion with your initials and keep it by your side, a go-to resource that will ease your stress in the months leading up to and on your special day. Filled with 228 pages of quotes, helpful reminders and beautiful images, plus plenty of space to plan and a pocket to hold physical mementos like a swatch of your dress or a copy of a speech, A Bride’s Memoir is the perfect catchall compendium.

Shop at Leeffect for more keepsake options. The Memory Box, a clear gold-studded case, is perfect for preserving the compendium once the wedding is done. A Bride’s Memoir has a detachable binder so the leather cover can even be repurposed while the binder and pages rest in The Memory Box. Other small items can be stored with A Bride’s Memoir, including guest cards, dried flowers, or plane tickets from a destination wedding.

Write in your bridal compendium with a Swarovski crystal pen and carry it in a matching leather tote, roomy enough for A Bride’s Memoir and your other effects as you move from appointment to appointment.