Image courtesy of Jesse Little.

Image courtesy of Jesse Little.

Living Bomboniere

Offering a living gift to your guests is a beautiful way to commemorate your wedding day. Lucy Mackey investigates how to give your guests a little piece of nature, whether it’s a sapling to take home with them, or a place card to plant in their garden.

Bomboniere is a lovely way to thank your guests for coming to your special day, but the sentiment can be lost when your loved ones are left with something they don’t need or won’t use. Giving a living plant or a collection of seeds is a wonderful way to say thank you, and if the cutting takes root, it will be a reminder of your wedding day for months or years to come. However, there are a few considerations to take into account that you wouldn’t necessarily find with more common bomboniere. Read on as Western Australia Wedding & Bride unearths some tips for selecting giftable plants.

Happy, Healthy Plants

There’s something particularly tragic about a wilting pot plant, and they certainly don’t make very good gifts. When selecting your plants, ensure that they are in good condition when you purchase them, and well taken care of until it’s time to give them away. View your chosen supplier’s samples to check that they’re healthy plants, and if you’re not an expert gardener, ask them for a care plan. This will probably be as simple as watering each plant and making sure they’re not stuck in the back of someone’s car for three days before the wedding. And of course, look for cardboard pots if possible, to cut down on wastage.

It’s Mint To Be

It’s important to select the right plant for its purpose. For logistical purposes, it’s helpful to pick a small, hardy plant, whose stem won’t snap in transit. It’s good to pick a resilient variety, too, something that will take happily to various soils when it’s planted, because you cannot assume that everyone has a green thumb and the perfect spot in the garden for their little plant. It’s also a good idea to select varieties that do well as indoor potted plants. If this sounds like a lot, don’t worry – there are a plethora of varieties to choose from, and your local nursery will be able to offer plenty of suggestions.

It’s a beautiful tradition to plant a tree to commemorate your wedding day, but not everyone has room for a fully grown tree in their backyard. You can provide a tray of little saplings, and a tray of smaller plants to solve this problem, and let your guests take whichever they prefer.

Some of our favourite choices are tough varieties of herbs, because not only will they take well to outdoor soil or a pot, but they’re useful, too. Herbs like sage, mint or rosemary do well in pots or in the garden, and they’re great to have on hand when cooking. If you want to gift something with colour, lavender is an excellent, resilient choice. For the ultimate low-maintenance, pot-friendly plant, you can’t go past succulents. There are so many different types which do well in pots or the garden, and come in a range of colours, such as echeverias, whose rosettes can range from pale green to pink or red. Whichever plant you choose to gift, include some care instructions, too, because every plant has different needs.

There are a multitude of ways in which you can include living plants as part of the wedding styling. A little pot plant with a name tag tied around it makes a gorgeous place card, as well as a gift! But just keep in mind that as with all bomboniere, some guests will leave them behind at the venue. If you’ve allocated a plant for everyone, make sure you’ve got a plan to take care of the leftovers – maybe there’s some room in your own garden at home. Alternatively, rather than setting out one little sprig for everyone, you can set up a table by the exit so your guests can take one if they wish.


Sow The Seed

Seeds – or seed paper – make for beautiful bomboniere as well. They have the advantage of being far easier to store and transport than plants. There are so many ways you can include them in your styling, too, such as a delicate sachet that doubles as a place card. Just make sure to buy good quality seeds, and select varieties that tend to sprout well and don’t grow too large for novice gardeners! Herbs are an excellent choice for the garden or a pot on the kitchen windowsill.

A novel idea is to use seed paper for your place cards and invitations. Made from recycled paper with seeds embedded in it, seed paper has a beautiful rough texture and looks great as part of a rustic, vintage or boho-style wedding. Simply plant and water it after the night’s over. There are several Australian companies that offer seed paper with different mixes of seeds, such as herbs, natives, or cottage-garden mixes. When ordering from a national company, just remember to account for the climate zone most of your guests live in – there’s no point ordering seeds that thrive in a cooler climate when most of your guests live in Western Australia!

Lasting Gift

Giving your guests a little gift is just the way to say thank you for attending your wedding. Living plants or seeds make an excellent choice because they will be a lasting reminder of the event, and a dash of greenery is easy to incorporate into a wide range of wedding styles. Just make sure to do a little research to pick the perfect variety, and buy quality plants or seeds. Your guests are bound to think of you and your wonderful wedding when they pick a sprig of mint for a cheeky mojito, or arrange some perfumed sweet peas in a vase.