Saying Thanks

Your post-wedding plans – apart from the honeymoon, of course! – most likely haven’t crossed your mind, but at some stage you and you groom-to-be will have to personally thank each guest for their gifts. Tijan Biner has all the must-know tips and tricks to help you say thanks in the most practical and stylish way possible.

Weddings are a time for celebration, and with celebrations come gift-giving. After the euphoria of the wedding day has (slightly) subsided, it’s courteous to personally thank each guest for not just their gift, but also their attendance, support and effort. Whether you’ve hit writer’s block or you’re clueless about how and when to say thanks, Western Australia Wedding & Bride has everything you need to know to perfect the art of the thank you note.

Timing Is Everything

Your guests may have had ample time to organise your wedding gifts, but unfortunately you’ll be operating on a slightly different timeframe when it comes to thanking them. For gifts received prior to the wedding, a thank you note should be mailed out roughly two weeks after their arrival, and for gifts received on the day of the wedding, you have two months to show your appreciation. Dig up your guest list, make a copy and add two columns; one for gifts and one for thank you notes. This will allow you to record which gifts you’ve received from whom, and you’ll be able to jot down the dates of when the thank you note was sent out. You’ll also have all mailing addresses in front of you, which will make things that little bit easier!

Get Personal

There are no rules about what to say in a thank you note, but it must be personal. Address guests formally (e.g. Mr Davies or Mrs Bennett), and tailor the note to their specific gift, because your words can differ depending on the type of gift you received.

Cash Gift

If you’ve been gifted a hefty sum of cash, there’s no need to list the amount, but you may want to let them know where the money will go. Guests know that most newlyweds are likely to put any extra cash they’ve received towards a home, renovation or their honeymoon, so explaining exactly what their gift will contribute to is a wonderful personal touch.

Registry Gift

Mention how much you love the new gift and that you and your partner will use it regularly. If you’ve had your eye on a certain appliance that made its way onto your registry, explain how long you’ve wanted it and how excited you are to get stuck into the kitchen with it!

Charitable Donation

If you feel strongly about a certain charity and have asked guests to donate instead of arrive with a gift, let them know how much their donation – and the charity – means to you.

Bridal Party

A simple note to everyone who played a special part in your wedding will go a long way. Letting your bridesmaids and groomsmen know how appreciative you are of everything they’ve done for you and your partner is a beautiful gesture. They’ll already know how thankful you are, but receiving a note after the big day is a little more special.


You may have had a florist who went above and beyond with your arrangements, or a makeup artist whose patience was remarkable on the morning of the wedding, so a personally written note will certainly warm their heart.

Written Or Printed?

Unfortunately technology has transformed what was once the norm into a tradition of the past, so is the written thank you note a dying art? You may be tempted to shoot an email or text message to all your guests after the wedding, but think again. Everything from weddings and baby showers to job interviews require a handwritten thank you note, and whether it’s your grandmother or simply just an acquaintance, putting pen to paper will leave a lasting impression. A small piece of card – perhaps with your initials embossed – is a stylish way to give your thanks. Write in black or blue ink, make sure your handwriting is neat and clear, and remember to list the full mailing address on the envelope.

Alternatively, you may want to enlist the help of a stationery company to create personalised cards and envelopes, so all you’ll have to do is fill in the blanks. By choosing a company to take care of your post-wedding stationery, your cards will be unique and stylish, but you’ll still be able to write your own words.

Proper Etiquette

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes time to mail out your notes. It’s not advised to send stationery using your married name before the wedding, so if you’re planning on sending notes out before you say your “I do’s”, order two sets or stick with your first names.

If a guest attended the wedding empty-handed, it’s still advised to send a thank you note. Some guests may not be in a financial position to arrive with a gift, but their presence should still be acknowledged. Similarly, if someone’s travelled a long way or contributed to the wedding in one way or another, such as making a speech or helping to clean up afterwards, let them know you’re grateful.

Write separate notes for each wedding event, including the engagement and bridal shower, even if the gifts were from the same person. You may also receive gifts and well-wishes after the wedding via mail, so a thank you note will act as a confirmation that you’ve received them.

Your loved ones will unite to celebrate your special day, and help build your life as a newly married couple, so thanking everyone for their time, generosity and thoughtfulness is imperative. Regardless of the gift’s size, if they went above and beyond to help you on your special day, or even if they were present without a gift, ensure you give thanks properly by embracing the art of the thank you note.

Image Credit: Kevin McGinn Photographer