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Of A Beauty Queen

On a day where all eyes fall upon the bride, it can be overwhelming to navigate the ever-evolving collection of bridal hair and makeup trends. From a soft updo and dewy skin, to glamorous waves and opulent full coverage, deciphering the look that will make you feel like your most authentic self can take some trial and error. To curate the ultimate bridal beauty guide, Bethany Hayes seeks the wisdom of Liz Corbet, owner of LVC Makeup by Liz, whose skills have made countless brides feel their very best during their day in white.

Image Credit: Jason Soon Photography

Aisle Preparation

In pledging your love to your partner in the presence of family and friends, it’s only natural to want to look – and feel – like the very best version of yourself. Before making your grand entrance, it’s important to consider what your unique, personal style is, while also preparing your hair and skin in the months leading up to your wedding; meaning you can glow like the radiant bride you are!

In Corbet’s professional experience, the real work happens in the months before your wedding, as opposed to on the day itself – building strong foundations to ensure your hair and skin are as healthy as possible. “Beginning a daily morning regimen by exfoliating, cleansing, toning and moisturising morning and night can make a huge difference to the appearance of your skin,” Corbet explains. “Skincare really does start in the shower, and using a gentle cleanser is key.” If you’re not already undertaking a nourishing skincare routine, around half a year before your wedding is a great time to start. “Try getting into the routine – if you’re not already – six months before the big day,” Corbet notes.

While the application of luxurious cream highlighters and light-infusing foundation can certainly work wonders, ensuring your skin is hydrated, plump and nourished from the inside-out begins long before the makeup application. “First and absolutely foremost: drink plenty of water,” Corbet explains. “Water will flush toxins from the body, and given enough time, will aid in the fight against breakouts.” While an antioxidant-rich serum can help protect and hydrate your skin, your insides need just as much love. “Other ways to heal the skin from the inside-out is to adopt a real, whole foods diet and lifestyle, and to consider taking supplements.” Corbet suggests brides consider picking up a multi-vitamin, but specifically for their skin and should look into biotin, omega-3, and vitamin E.

Let’s Talk Beauty

Much like the internal preparation for your skin to be at its peak, before you apply any makeup, you’ll want to make sure you have a clean slate for your makeup artist to work with. “A good base is always key! Use a good primer on your face and then a good concealer on the lids to ensure that the eyeshadow isn’t going anywhere,” the hair and makeup artist affirms. She also recommends using a waterproof mascara and eyeliner to ensure that your mesmerising eye makeup stays in place all night long.

When thinking of a bride, chances are images of stunning Hollywood waves or a loose, tousled bun come to mind – and for good reason. “The most sought-after hairstyles my brides go for are the Hollywood glam curls – few wedding hairstyles can compete with the glamour of old Hollywood waves,” Corbet notes. “Those sleek, retro curls that were made famous by so many movie stars – not only is it a timeless and elegant look, [but] it will never go out of style.”

For the brides seeking an updo, Corbet recommends the classic chignon hair style, which is recognisable for its clean, structured and somewhat vintage look. A messy textured updo is also a firm favourite for a laid-back beach wedding – but Corbet emphasises that the style of gown a bride chooses and her own personal style will heavily dictate this hair style choice.

Moving on to makeup, “good coverage foundation, bronzed and contoured skin” have all seen their rightful place in the spotlight. To keep this coverage throughout the entire celebration, Corbet recommends brides take a touch-up kit, including blotting sheets, lipsticks and lash glue – should any individual or strip lashes begin to wriggle with any tears of joy. Pressed powder, however, is perhaps the most important part of this touch-up kit, which can soak up any additional oils that could make your makeup separate. “I like the Napoleon Perdis Camera Finish [powder compact] for touch-ups, but anything you already have will be fine.”

Looking And Feeling Fabulous

While most of us would love to look like we naturally have a healthy bronzed glow – a bit of help with self-tanner is often required. Corbet recommends all her brides who want that extra sun-kissed look to get a tan for their big day, but emphasises that this needs to be done around two days prior to the event. “The tan continues to develop even after you shower,” she explains. “This gives the colour time to develop fully, while allowing you to fix any small issues like dark spots on your knees or elbows, ears and neck area… plus it always looks good against your beautiful white dress!”

The beauty within the fun and frivolity of hair and makeup is that it can help you look and feel like the best version of yourself, as you commit to loving your best friend. “Helping my clients to be the most confident and beautiful versions of themselves, and help[ing] them to achieve whatever their goals are on the biggest days of their lives gets me so excited each and every time,” Corbet says. “Makeup and hair aren’t just about makeup and hair – it goes much deeper than that,” she continues. “I love the feeling that I am empowering the people that I work on; I love connecting with my clients on a personal level and I absolutely love the journey that I am on, and seeing my hard work pay off.”

On the day of your wedding, as you stand before your loved ones, the happiness you feel will undoubtedly make you the most captivating person in the room. Working alongside a professional will give you the assurance to be in the best state of mind for your wedding day and thereafter. Glow you good thing!