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Known as token of thanks and appreciation, bomboniere is a thoughtful and charming addition to commemorate your wedding and thank guests for spending such a momentous occasion by your side. To ensure your wedding day bomboniere is abundant with personalised touches and sentiments your guests will long remember, Bethany Hayes sits down with owner of Butterfly Days, Angela Glen, to learn what makes the ultimate wedding keepsake. 

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Thought to date back to early Europe, bomboniere has long been a gesture of thanks for guests who attend significant events. While the bomboniere of today looks a little different to traditional, sugar-coated almonds and decorative boxes, its thoughtful sentiment is still as prevalent as ever. In a day as personal as your wedding, where your love and commitment is pledged to your partner, it’s only natural to want your guests to remember and revel in the love you share. From symbolic stationery, to hand-crafted candles and engraved place-cards, making bespoke bomboniere choices is an effective and endearing way to commemorate your partnership, and thank your guests for standing  by your side.

Thank The Individual

You need only search online to be flooded with endless wedding day bomboniere and stationery inspiration; making it somewhat difficult to find the perfect thank you gift. Like most wedding plans, starting your preparation early and consulting with a professional can save you precious time and ease your stress levels substantially. According to Glen, this can mean starting your bomboniere preparation a good six months prior to your wedding. “There’s inspiration all over the internet and social media, however it can be overwhelming to see exactly how many ideas are out there,” she says. While crafting a mood board is always an effective way to hone your personal style and taste, Glen suggests couples look amongst their local stores to see products in person – getting a sense of their size and colour. “I would recommend that couples search locally as they’ll then be able to see physical examples before making a selection,” she affirms.

Glen regularly meets with her clients in person,
giving them a chance to chat one on one and
discuss their vision and time frame while also
looking at the different ways to customise bomboniere to suit their wedding theme and

Whatever theme or style you choose to embody on your wedding day – whether it be rustic, whimsical, vintage, modern or romantic – distinct bomboniere and stationery choices that suit this theme can help ensure your wedding remains visually cohesive and distinct in its flavour. Glen encourages her couples to play around with their ideas and even suggests giving guests a variety of different gifts – with something bespoke able to give a more personalised thank you to each guest. “There’s absolutely no reason why every guest has to receive the same gift,” she says. “It can certainly be mixed up a bit by alternating candles with chocolates, tea with coffee. The options are endless and I can work with couples to ensure whatever they choose will complement their styling.”

Make Your Mark

If your wedding is an extension of you and your partner’s personality and love, then so are your bomboniere and stationery choices! To enhance your wedding’s existing theme and style, Glen suggests using swing tags, ribbon or twine to complement the table styling and stationery, such as menus and place cards. For a warm and friendly touch, charming honey jars or elegant handmade soaps are options worth considering. “Our candle tins and jars come in a range of colours, shapes and labels, and can be created to incorporate foil printing or a graphic design to complement a specific theme,” Glen explains.

If you are after something super personal for your guests to treasure, consider personalised messages on each bomboniere tag, which Glen confirms is “the perfect way [for couples] to reflect their relationship and love for each other.” Glen’s own range of bespoke bomboniere consists of test tubes, chocolates, soy candles and Mint-To-Be favours, with each one designed and created for the budget-conscious couple. To add a touch of humour to your day, consider adding puns or special sayings that are unique to you and your partner on bomboniere tags or place cards. “Little puns such as ‘The Perfect Blend’, ‘Mint to Be’ and ‘Love is Nuts’ are fun ways of announcing your love for each other, while also thanking each guest for sharing your special day,” Glen explains.


A Love Like Tea And Chocolate

With a diversity of guests likely to be in attendance on your special day, choosing a gift to suit each of their tastes can be as simple as selecting a range of tea flavours to delight. Glen offers her couples an extensive range of tea flavours to enjoy, including a selection of organic teas, alongside her handmade soaps, honey jars, and wildflower seeds in tubes for an eco-friendly and “practical gift with very little waste”. Your wedding day is a chance to let your preferences for flavour and colour really shine through, and Glen’s variety of customisable bomboniere options makes this as simple as can be for couples. “With my soaps, couples can choose from a variety of scents, colours and bases such as goats milk, shea butter and cocoa butter,” she explains.

In terms of popularity, Glen coins her handmade soy candles, chocolates, tea and honey as the true standouts amongst couples. “Everyone falls in love with the honey jars as soon as they see them,” she confirms. “They’re just so cute but also practical and something guests will use.” Meanwhile, tea or coffee drinkers enjoy Glen’s test tube flavour options, which contain a single serve of tea, coffee or shot of hot chocolate; an ideal way to warm at a winter wedding. “Chocolate favours are often selected as they can so easily act as a place card, and make a delicious gift that can usually be consumed on the night,” Glen says. Selected by the couple, candles are also an ideal bomboniere as many people enjoy the calming fragrance and subtle illumination of candles within the home.

From customised place cards to complement your styling, to handmade candles, gorgeous honey jars and tubes of tea and hot chocolate, choosing bomboniere for your wedding is an experience to enjoy alongside your partner. Engaging with a trusted professional and picking something that feels authentic to you and your partner will ensure your wedding is long remembered by your guests.