Image courtesy of Kevin McGinn Photographer.

Stride With Pride

When curating your wedding day look, confidence and comfort are your top priority. Your wedding outfit should closely reflect your personality, as it is important to feel like the best version of yourself. Here, Simi West guides you through some basic tips on how to stand out for all the right reasons.

Image courtesy of Kevin McGinn Photographer.

From trending textures, adding ample accessories, to dressing up a simple suit; with this manual, you can be sure that all the important bases are covered in preparation for your big day.

Suit Up

When choosing the perfect wedding suit, there are a plethora of decisions to make. The style, materials, textures, accessories and price all come into play. It should, however, be noted that suits are not for everyone, and there are a multitude of ideas to try before settling on your power outfit.

A traditional one-colour suit is not your only option – your suit jacket and trousers can be different! In the cooler months, consider a double-breasted suit. Over time, this style has adapted to fit with modern fashion trends. Today, double-breasted blazers are tailored to fit so the shoulders are broadened. The style is nowhere near as bulky as it used to be back in the twentieth century, when it rose in prominence. Double-breasted suits pair very well with white trousers – perfect if you want more of a fresh, two-toned look!

Material Man

We are living in a material world, and you can be a material man. When it comes to textures, there are a litany of materials on offer that can enhance your ensemble. For instance, velvet is currently in vogue! Think dark, broody colours like maroon, forest green, or navy blue. Velvet is the perfect material for a winter wedding, as it has connotations of warmth and sultriness. For a more subtle hint of velvet, simply add a velvet tie to your look.

For a more relaxed wedding, you can use a wider scope of different patterns and textures that show off your own individual nuances. Consider tweed or corduroy – these humble materials both have a timeless look, and keep you warm – perfect for a winter wedding! For a slightly more casual feel, linen is an ideal material to utilise in the warmer months, as it is extremely breathable. Linen suits in pastel shades are fresh and can be dressed up for a low-key occasion with all your closest family and friends, as opposed to a large, black-tie event.

With the help of tailors and dressmakers, you can have a suit made in any print under the sun that you envision for your big day. Whether you’re after a colourful floral print suit, or something a bit more classic like a jacquard, pinstripe or a plaid suit, anything is possible! Consider opting for something slightly different to what you would normally wear for a special occasion, or if you wear a neutral suit to work every day, choose a suit that calls for a little more fun. At the end of the day, choose a style, print and texture that screams ‘you!’.

Walk Down The Aisle In Style

Some people have a different pair of socks for every day, others have an abundant tie collection! Whether you’re opting for a bowtie, a necktie, or if you’re feeling adventurous – a fancy cravat – you have to go down the aisle in absolute style. It’s worth noting that bright pops of colour and intricate patterns are not for everyone. You might want to embed small elements of detail into your look, like nods of colour and odes to different types of fabrics. For instance, if you’re opting for a three-piece suit, you could merge different fabrics, and wear a woollen vest. This gives a sophisticated yet trendy appeal to your aesthetic.

Think of suit accessories like toppings on your ice cream or frozen yoghurt – you’ll look good without them, but they really do amplify your look. Even the simplest of suits can be accentuated with small accessories that each make statements of their own. Match your pocket square to your tie or channel your inner Sherlock Holmes with a pocket watch, which if passed down as a family heirloom, can also double as your ‘something old’. A more pared-back idea would be to don a stylish watch, which will transform you into the dapper gentleman you were born to be.

All The Grooms Horses And All The Grooms Men

You wouldn’t be where you are today without your support system, so coordinating your outfit with your groomsmen is a great way to show your bonds. You can also ask your florist to create fresh buttonholes on the day for you and your groomsmen to attach to your suit jackets, as the perfect final touch to your outfits. As the groom, you could also wear a different suit that is still in the same colour family as your groomsmen, so all your looks effortlessly tie in together, while still ensuring you stand out.

Make History

Your history is just as important as your future with your partner. You might want to consider adding elements of your heritage into your wedding day attire. For example, if you have Scottish lineage, you could style your kilt and pin a small amount of tartan on the jacket lapel to tie your entire look together. Your groomsmen could also do the same. If you cover your hair for religious reasons, you could match this with your tie. Another idea is to pay homage to your family history with personalised or hand-me-down cufflinks. Cufflinks with a family crest, for example, might help you feel connected to family members you have lost, or who aren’t able to attend.

Choosing your wedding outfit doesn’t have to be a gargantuan ordeal. With these tips and tricks, you will soon be on your way to creating your dream wedding look. Whether you’re opting for a simple, laid back look, or the most eccentric, over-the-top outfit, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and strikingly confident. In years to come, you’ll be scouring through your wedding albums, looking back fondly at your bold suit choice or your classically understated look.