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Zolotas Australia Bridal Couture

Zolotas Australia Bridal Couture is Perth’s newest bridal arrival, and its collection speaks directly to the heart, connecting the past with the future. The Hellenic Vintage collection is about heritage, originality and haute couture craftsmanship, which is felt in every stitch. All dresses are handmade to a bride’s measurements in the most unconventional and bohemian way. Unique and innovative, the collection combines the love for distinctive contemporary designs and the seductive female nature. Each wedding dress has a story to tell, and is designed for the free-spirited bride who is not afraid to shine in the most effortless, ethereal way. Zolotas Australia Bridal Couture’s collection is now available by appointment.


Zolotas Australia Bridal Couture

Kendari Road
Clarkson (Catalina Estate)
Tel: (08) 6201 8197
Mobile: 0431 883 417 (Sophie Linardopoulos)
Email:  info@zolotasaustralia.com
Website: www.zolotasaustralia.com


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